Weddings and celebrations

Some couples already have a clear vision and idea of their perfect celebration, while others just want it to be special and be taken care of! We invite them all to have a conversation over cup of tea or coffee in Otto’s restaurant, so we can understand their needs better. We promise that it will all start a little differently than difficult-to-understand dish lists and generic suggestions.


✔ Individualy prepaired menu for your celebration
✔ A festive table of drinks and snacks at your ceremony venue.
✔ Perfect place for ceremony above the rooftops of the Old Town
✔ Elegant place for photoshoot
✔ Accommodation for newlyweds and guests
✔ Celebration organizing and decoration advises


Atsiprašome, dėl visuotinės kovos su Covid-19 pandemija viešbutis bus laikinai uždarytas. Planuojama viešbučio atidarymo diena lapkričio mėn. 30 d. 2020 m.
Maloniai prašome kreiptis el.paštu jei kils papildomų klausimų. Skubiais atvejais prašome kreiptis telefonu +370 655 72852


We are soryy the hotel is temporarily closed due to Covid-19 pandemics. Planned reopening date is 30th of November 2020
If you would have any questions kindly please contact us by e-mail or call us in urgent matter +370 655 72852